Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Random and a half

On Wednesday's my cousin plays softball in Fremont in the evening, so she gets off work early and we hang out until she goes to her game. So I decide to walk to the library up the street from my hotel to wait for her, just for the walk and to get out of the room. So I'm listening to my music on my BB and in my own world enjoying the sun and the cool weather and basically just being in my wonderful world. All of a sudden this guy on a bike is at my side and he turns around when he passes me then brakes hella hard and says something to me, didn't catch it (headphones). So I'm like, so much for my wonderful bubble and take my headphones off and ask him what he said. Mind you he's listening to music also and taking off his headphones, so I stop and he asks me if I knew what the Christian radio station is? WTF?
I was like, um no I do not and started walking and he started walking his bike next to me and I'm like sh*t he's going to try and convert me but he didn't look like a mormon. He was cute, latin, wearing shorts and a t-shirt and a bike helmet. So then he asks me if I knew of any good radio stations and I said no then he asks what I'm listening to and I'm thinking please just go away. I tell him I was listening to Theory of a Deadman, he said "sounds gruesome", jumps on his bike says I like your socks and takes off. WTF? Granted my socks are cute (they are green noshow socks), you can barely see them.

Here is the half part, I get to the library and it's very nice and brand new and I walk into the lobby and there at the New Accounts counters and Checkout counters, are 4 of the hottest librarians I have ever seen!! Seriously they are wearing like A&F shirts and cargo shorts and look like frat boys!! I mean they aren't the hottest men I've ever seen but definitely not something I'd expect to see behind a library counter! I just kind of paused and...well was stuck for a second. lol ;)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's all about the Eyes... brother was down last week and he took me golfing. He stomped me the first day, the second day he won two holes I won two holes and we tied the last 5 (only had time for 9). That night we went out and shot pool, I WHUPPED HIS ASS!! Thank you, that is my soapbox moment of the day. Enjoy the beautiful men with the beautiful eyes and as usual click for larger pics. ;) peace

Monday, September 28, 2009


I was going to post hot men (been awhile) but then I found out about this trailer and decided this was waaaay better. For those who don't know, the two children she had...they are her dads, yeah put 2 and 2 together. Very powerful and I did tear up! Definitely a must see. ;) peace

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Songs of Sunday... honor of Kurt dancing to this song (kinda)here is the official video! ;) peace

Kurt Warner Dancing...

...not only did this really get me hot to see him dance, but then I end with the "awwww..." factor once I hear how great him and his wife are with their kids! They lost tonight but it's still early in the season! ;) peace

Friday, September 18, 2009

If only I ever got a chance to do this!

Um, but I can barely drive 150 yards and that's what the yardage was on this shot! He used a 9 iron.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Free Healthcare...

...I don't know all the answers, I have heard from both sides but I'm telling ya...from what I hear from Michael Moore and the Canadians...I don't see why we don't move forward with Healthcare reform. As usual whenever I get a chance to visit Bix's site I find something that makes me stop and think...oh and great health food recipes and healthy stuff...check it out because I just give the poor man's description of the site. ;) peace

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


My auntie from S. Dakota was out visiting a friend this past weekend, we are really close and she called me to come up to Sacramento to visit her. I did and we went out to this club in Mid-town where her and her friend could dance, OMG it was like a big party in an old folks home. They were playing live music and it was like...I dunno, it wasn't quite jazz or rock, I don't know what it was but I do know every time the crowd went wild when a certain song came on I was lost as to why.

Then this older guy hit on me and that's fine, I don't have an age or race or body type preference, just be a nice person. It was just the way he did it, I'm standing there watching people dance and I noticed this guy at the bar staring at me and he notices that I notice him looking at me and he smiles and begins to walk over. I'm like, crap, here we I smiled as he got closer and he walks up and says "I've been watching you, you are too damned cute to be looking so bored, wanna get out of here? I have some killer weed at my place".


WTF was that?? LOL I'm like OMG, do I look like a stoner? And who just approaches people like that? So after I regain my composure, I just say "No thanks, I'm with my auntie and her friend and I don't smoke weed." He then offers to buy me a beer I say no thank you, he keeps talking, I'm getting annoyed. Ugh! Finally I excuse myself and just went and danced with my auntie. I didn't see him for awhile so I quit dancing and thought I was safe for the evening, until this other guy comes up to me while I'm at the bar and says "I saw that that other guy was kind of annoying you, I promise to not annoy you if you let me buy you a beer". He was okay looking, maybe early 40's, but my thing is if he saw me being annoyed then he should have came and saved me. So I just looked at him and said "too late" smiled and went back to the dance floor. I thought that was that but when I looked back he was laughing and following me to the dance floor, he gets up to me and whispers in my ear "nice, got it, have a great night handsome" and then went on his way. Then of course I was interested in him, lol! I just stayed on the dance floor though.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Vampire Diaries... TV season is starting! Woo hoo, okay so far The Vampire Diaries looks the most interesting. I'm watching it now, Stefan(the Vampire) looks a bit old for high school but I got carded for beer the other I'm not complaining. Elena (I think that's the name of the female lead) seems sweet and she's pretty and her hair is gorgeous! Now it seems a bit "Twilighty" she seems to have more spunk than Bella (ooooh I couldn't stand her). First commercial is over. brb

Elena has a psychic friend, named Bonnie!
I'm not sure about the casting, some of the characters look rather old for high school.

Holy crap, Stefan has a hotter brother vampire named Damon. Okay these play by plays aren't that great are they? lol

In other news, still looking for a job, still living in a hotel but I had some good job leads today so I'm hopeful. I saw Obama's speech last night and was a bit inspired regarding his health plan.

Pandorum looks good.

Stefan's brother is an asshole.

Okay ending, gave me chills! I'm hooked!
;) peace