Thursday, December 30, 2010


Wow, been a minute! Okay, Christmas was fun, spent time with my brother and I got cash for presents. Awesome! Visited with my newest niece who now moves around a bit, she's 3 months. The only thing is my sister was drunk (no surprise) and she got on my nerves. I'm usually okay with her being drunk because at least I get to see her, when she does drugs I never see her. This time around didn't enjoy her company that much. My Precious got a laptop for Christmas! Of course his redneck dad bought it used from some person with a profile name of CaliGirl, yeah...the laptop wasn't factory restored or anything. In his dad's defense, it's not like I would expect him to know how to restore the machine. There was no anti-virus or malware software on it. So I brought it back to Sac and now it's like a brand new machine, a brand new PROTECTED machine. :)

I did some intern work at school this week, so basically being an intern means you do what no one else wants to do and you don't get paid for it? Got it. They fed us though, so can't complain. We start classes back up on Monday and I must say I've enjoyed the break.

I moved out today, they are making my room into the baby's room and Jodi's mom lives next door now, so no reason for me to be there. I'm okay with it, it was time to move on. So tonight I'm in a hotel, will check some rooms for rent out but may just stay in a hotel until I start working. I enjoy my privacy and my room has a stove and fridge so I'm good. Just cheaper to rent a room though.

Um what else, that's about it. Got a little melancholy today packing up but it's a good thing and I'm actually feeling so comfortable right now in my room. It's nice and quiet and I don't feel any responsibility like I did when I was care giving for Jodi and the baby. I'm back to it just being me against the world! haha!

With the new term starting, I was hoping for some eye candy...I am once again disappointed! Really!? There was one hot guy my first day of interning but he had a wedding ring on and I've never seen him around campus. The way we are scheduled, you can go six weeks without seeing someone that you used to see each day in class. I haven't seen Hottie this term, and probably will not, because of how we are scheduled. Kinda okay with that though.

Alright, time to wrap this up and just enjoy some Hotness!! ;) peace

Friday, December 24, 2010

Real People

Merry Christmas Eve!! Hope everyone has a great Holiday weekend. I'm finishing up a load of laundry, and then headed down to my parents where I'll be house sitting for a friend. and also kicking back with my brother who is coming down from Oregon with his new baby. Looking forward to it.

School is still going well, it's not officially posted yet, but I kept my 4.0 for yet another term. I decided I couldn't handle my night class so I dropped that, but it's okay because I'm going to take that class with one of my favorite teachers next term. We have next week off but I'll be there at least one day doing an internship and helping with the upgrading of the school's computers. After that, I'm really looking forward to the break, I'm getting burnt out. The campus will still be open and I know I'll go and work ahead on some of my tech labs, but as long as no other students in my classes are around, I should be okay.

There's the dryer, time to start my day. Finally getting the last of these Real People pics out! Sorry for any dupes but I have no idea what I've posted in the past but at least I'm getting them all off my hard drive! hugz to all! ;) peace

Sunday, December 19, 2010


So yesterday was a a great day for America. The Senate repealed the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy so now gay men and women can openly serve for our country. About damn time!

The weather sucked this weekend so I basically just stayed in and did nothing, not really good at relaxing, I tried though. A new term starts tomorrow for school, will be my first term without Hottie, kinda feeling weird about that. I mean I did have him but I'm gonna change that class to something else 'cause I need to and because he's kinda been a dick. More importantly I need to add a class this term to keep up with my tech guys. This last term I didn't carry enough classes so it kind of put me behind. ;) peace

Songs of Sunday

Once again, JJ puts together an amazing hot video! I love the version of this song too! Fever by Superpitcher. Enjoy! ;) peace

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Bruce Webber

I'm pretty sure I've uploaded this before, but this time I'm doing it for the song. An early Songs of Sunday, kinda. Bruce Weber and his beautiful male models ;)peace

Real People

I have so many pics of real people that I don't remember what I posted so I'm just gonna blitz some out in the next couple of days to clear my hard drive! Enjoy! ;) peace

Friday, December 17, 2010

Today's Weather... wet! It's raining, and not that "raindrops are falling on my head" kind of rain but more like that drizzle, gray, I don't want to leave the house...kind of rain.

Finals week is over, I got the 2nd highest score in my tech class, so happy with that. I'm somewhat confident I'll keep my 4.0 this term. Still looking at the living situation changing in a couple weeks but as far as I know, unemployment benefits have been extended so I should be okay on that part! Woot Woot! :) Big relief and one less thing to worry about!

Decided I'm not taking English with Hottie next term. He's been really mean lately and I'm not sure why. I think there's a lot going on in his head that's he's dealing with and it's obviously not processing in the way he would like it to. I am going to miss sitting next to him, he's fcking hot! I'm sure we'll still have lunch though and besides I'm like a class behind the rest of my class so I'm gonna take English at night and then a different class during 2nd. So it's going to be a lot of work but I'll be caught up with everyone else. Yeah, I'd like to think that's my real reason for switching my schedule around. :|

I have these online courses called LabSim and I'm so far behind in getting them done, they're basically virtual labs. I have until Monday at midnight to get them done and they are worth 80 points. Here's the thing, even if I don't finish them I'll still pull an A in that class, so I'm not that motivated but in the long run they are beneficial and I do need to know the material. So that's gonna be my day today. Fun times! Enjoy your Friday! ;) peace

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


So tomorrow are finals. I'm feeling confident, at least for one class. I still feel a 4.0 in my future but honestly, like Eyre says, I just wanna do my best and I feel like I am. The insecurity of NOT getting a 100 on the test is a whole Hottie post I don't feel like going into right now but I think I'll do well. Sorry for not updating in a bit, priorities. haha! ;) peace