Sunday, February 28, 2010

Songs of Sunday

This is so fitting! I am so grateful that I had my brother to come and stay with when my unemployment ran out and I could no longer afford my hotel rooms in California. It's been a great and relaxing month and a half up here and him and I have had so much fun, it was great to spend time with him.

On that note, unemployment has kicked back in, possible job opportunity this week...and most of the bad weather has left Cali. Brookings is a great little community, and I really enjoyed (needed) that small town feeling. I didn't realize some of the situations I have endured in the past 3 years had taken such a toll on me mentally and emotionally. I feel stronger, I needed the laid back lifestyle that Brookings has provided me. The days at the beach, laughing and joking with my bro, doing "normal" things like laundry, dishes, cooking, cleaning...things I've missed since I've been in a hotel. You wouldn't think you would miss those things until you haven't done them in almost two years. Knowing where I will be laying my head each night and waking up knowing where I am, and not wondering what city...what hotel am I at again? Not having to pack and unpack each week or couple weeks, pulling my clothes off their hangers in my closet...golden! lol In any case, if I'm ever to have my own place and do these tasks that I think some people may take for granted, I need to find a job. So I'm ready to go back and start the search again from Sacramento to the Bay Area and everywhere in between. Priceline will once again make a lot of money off me. ;)

I think my brother would like me stay up here or even get a job and live up here, but um I'm not really Brookings, OR material. I'm definitely Cali, Nor Cal at that!! So my song for Sunday is More Bounce in California, Soul Kid 1. Because that's how we roll! ;) peace

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