Monday, May 31, 2010

My big Fuck You to Gay Men

So if homophobia (in my definition) is a heterosexual's fear of homosexuals, what is it called if the homo's are hating on themselves? There is this debate going on over at Outsports (article link)about gay men in sports. It is the most ridiculous disagreement ever!! This is why I do not have gay male friends, or gay friends in general. I'm a sports fan, I'll pretty much watch whatever is on (I watched La Crosse the other day 'cause there was nothing on TV and it looked interesting!) and I enjoy rooting for my teams.
Well there were these gay men and women who just really ripped gay athletes and gay men who LIKE sports a new one in this article and I was just astounded at the cruel things they said ABOUT gay people! Really? Because some gay men like sports, they are "filth", "nazi's" and other horrible things said in that article?

Well I say a big FUCK YOU to the bitchy queens who get the shivers as they're standing in line to see Wicked or drink their wine listening to some dead gay female icon singer from 40 years ago. Notice I couldn't name one but I know you do!
FUCK YOUR black and white movies where the man always gets the woman in the end, watching a movie where shit blows up and the special effects are amazing, will get you just as hot!
FUCK YOUR Sex and the City parties. Really?
FUCK YOUR Tonys your Emmys, your Cleos, but I do watch the Oscars, BUT NOT FOR THE GOWNS unlike you. FUCK YOUR wine spritzers, your pottery barn and your raves, you are grown ass men and too old to be doing drugs and dancing until 7a.m. the next day! FUCK YOUR traveling in packs and cutting people down (hey I only dislike fat people and women drivers!). FUCK YOUR dressing up in woman's clothing and pretending you are Bette Midler, Madonna or Cher, once again, really? FUCK YOUR gym memberships! Why go through all that trouble to look masculine and then throw a bitch fit when Starbucks didn't get the foam right on whatever French named coffee concoction you ordered while you were on the phone planning your next gay cruise! FUCK YOUR Fashion Week. FUCK Tallulah Bankhead (who the fuck is that and why when I meet old ass queens they quote him/her and shit?) Liza Minelli, Jane Mansfield, Mae West and Bette Davis. Who are these people? All I know are that these bitches are dead, except for Liza, I think.

A lot of stereotypes right? They really aren't though, "most" gay men like the things I've mentioned above and and they are the gay majority. So yeah, I have a lot of FUCK YOUS to "most" gay men. I don't ever express them because even though I'm not into what I just wrote, doesn't make me better or less gay or them better or more gay. This isn't repressed homosexuality (for all you PhD's out there) I've been out since I was THIRTEEN, why? Because I manned up to who I am. We're all still gay and ya know, I like sports, I like cars and I have been known to wear the same pair of cargo shorts for more than a few days...what of it? I'm not gonna say I'm "straight acting" what the fuck is that? I'm a guy who likes guys and I'm just me and it sucks I would be ostracized by people like me because I'm into something they are not. Well actually they are not like me, are they? After I posted my response on Outsports, the next post after mine was "I agree with them, you are stupid and “less than”, and should be excluded from the greater gay community." Ya know, for ONE SPLIT SECOND that hurt, and then I thought, fuck it, I've excluded myself from the gay community years ago. When they show the gay pride parades on TV, I cringe, because I don't want people to think that's how I act or am but hey you do you. I'm not stupid or a boor or uncultured or anything else because I like sports and not musicals, beer not wine or cocktails, cars not clothes, action movies not "classics", gadgets not art. I'm just me and I'm fucking Wonderful, bitches. ;) peace


  1. Loved your rant so wanted to simply give you a shout and say you are one of the nine in the ten percent that gets it. Cheers to you. To each his own. Live and let live. There are more of us than them and we have more fun. To Life!

  2. LOL, yeah I just read my post again and wow, I was on a soapbox, but it's how I felt and still do. Gay men are so judgmental, it's like if you're not part of their clan, you don't exist. Gonna start my own gay culture,lol . ;) peace