Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Today's Weather

Was like yesterday, perfect and not too hot. It's not often we get two mild days in a row here in Cali this time of year! I love when things come in pairs. Enjoy! ;) peace


  1. Ooh, delicious twins!

    Ashtyn and Austyn in the first pick are two of my faves; although, I'm a bit disappointed in Ashtyn. He approached one of my author friends about doing an interview; then he flaked out on her and never finished it.

    Did you know that there's a whole subgenre of m/m romance called twincest? I've actually read a few of them. They're really hot in that "as long as it's not in real life" kind of way.

  2. LOL, ya know, I think even in make believe world that would be weird. Okay so share, where do I find these m/m romance files? ;) peace

  3. LOL! My ratings for the ones I've read are here. If you click on each book title, it will take you to a description. Some of the descriptions have links to sites where they're sold. Otherwise, most of the are probably for sale at Fictionwise or ARe. ;)

    Most of them should be available in pdf for reading on a computer or most cell phones.