Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Birthday Blog!

Hello Wonderful people! Since today is my birthday I've decided I'm going to re-post some of my favorite blog posts over the years. Some will be links back to old posts, some pics, vids kind of a Hodgepodge all day blog! ;) Sit back enjoy and accompany me down memory blog lane. ;) peace

Of course my FIRST ever blog post, wow, it's been over 5 years?! Dang. In any case like for the first week I had a couple of friends read my blog and after that, not so much. To this day no family or friends read this, well my bestie does once every 6 months and I think I have a cousin who checks in once a year! lol

I'm originally from South Dakota but basically grew up in Cali starting in my teen years. Yeah took me a moment to get used to the freaky weather back there!

My mouse email! LMAO!
So dramatic, was I. I had moved to Fresno, CA with a friend of mine who lived in a trailer out in the country.

When I decided I was a shallow person from California. :)

I actually used to blog about stuff going on in my life, but the last few years have been pretty boring and I figured out how to upload photos. Yeah, blog took a big change after that! lol

Ah, when I broke myself. Not good!

Anyways, just a few of my fave blog posts that I wrote from South Dakota and when this blog was very young. Hope they don't bore you too much! Now, some of my fave pics and vids...coming up!

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