Saturday, August 28, 2010


I read a book (yes a whole book), I watched a movie, I took a walk, I surfed the 'net, I did some laundry, I did everything BUT homework or study today. :D And I was okay with that. Tomorrow will be devoted to school and then back to the grind on Monday. This evening I got back to my cousin's place (apartment sitting) and I just sat down with my book and put the laundry in and it was just so...normal. I didn't turn on the TV but of course the laptop was on, but only to Twitter! *grin* I honestly don't remember when I just sat and read in silence (minus clothes cleaning appliances). For the past couple of years it's been about looking for work, moving from one temp job to another and where will I be sleeping tonight? Whose couch, which hotel and for how long. It felt so good to just, be. I know it's not my place but it's familiar here at my cousin's, I spent many a night on this couch, and it just felt so good to...I don't know, not worry. I just got to concentrate on my book and get lost in another world. Was nice. A multitude of emotions today, all positive though...gratefulness, pride, joy, . :) So since my day was quite random and nice, thought I would share. Enjoy! ;) peace

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