Thursday, September 16, 2010


I'm kinda of nervous, what if people at school find my blog? Should I be using real names? I'm not necessarily saying anything bad? Hmm...oh well, f*ck it, it's my blog and I normally say nice stuff. I'm gonna be with this same group of people for the next couple years, so I know I'll have plenty to say. Well Hot New Guy, I think was cheating off me this morning while we were taking our test. I don't see how he could be so hot but so "greasy", that would be the vibe I get from him and it's not just me the girl on the other side of him feels the same way.

Oh found out I'll have Stoner Joshua in ALL my classes next term! woot woot! Stoner Josh is this guy who is so mellow, sometimes I want to poke him to see if he's breathing! lol he's the EXACT opposite of me and therefore, he calms me. We work well together on our studies and he's usually always at my side between classes. So when he's not there I feel a bit lost.

So I have a hot guy in like 3 classes and I know when I started I mentioned there was lack of eye candy but this dude has really grown on me. His voice, his lips, his mannerism=hot to me. Well my car's alternator died today while I was at lunch so I drove to the shop and left it and walked to school. When I get there I tell Hot Guy what happened and him being him, freaked and said let me give you my number in case something like this happens again. Sweet huh? So I now have his number and we've been texting and I'm behaving! lol ;)

Oh I saw my prof for our tech class next term! OMG! He's hot as hell! I am going to need to learn to focus in that class, that's for sure! So there's just a bit of what's going on with me and my Wonderful Life. ;) peace


  1. You are out and proud to your parents and family right Leo? So why do you care if people in school find out?

    As for your followers, we are just afraid we will make a mistake and blow our covers to our parents and family, so we haven't registered, just being careful. Sure don't want them to find out this way! lol

  2. LOL, no I don't care if my fellow students find out, and yes I am out to my family and friends. I'm concerned if they see this blog and see me blogging about them, they may not like that. You know can always register with pseudonym *wink*. Glad you stopped by though. ;) peace