Friday, October 8, 2010

Random Memory

Tonight I actually have a couple random memories and I'm not sure where they came from. Which is why these are random posts. :) First Stoner Joshua didn't show up for class tonight so it was me alone as the new guy in class. Was an easy night, we had a sub and took a quiz I didn't study for but I did read the material so I think I'll still do well on it. Then we got to watch a movie called Freedom Writers which I had seen before but was glad to watch it again.

Apartment sitting for my cousin this weekend (yes high speed downloading!) and on my way here I remembered my first real crush. Not a grade school or high school crush, but my first "real" crush. His name was Paul, he was an assistant manager at the fast food restaurant I worked at. I was 18, he was like 26 and mixed Asian and White and beautiful. He could have modeled, I never understood what he was doing in fast food. He was like 6'3" black hair and eyes and a killer smile. He was quiet and would blush when I flirted with him, although at the time I didn't know it was flirting. He had a wife who was pregnant, I never saw her but I remember resenting her. Hey, I was 18 and this was my first real crush. I remembered one time I cried because I knew he would never be mine, he was so sweet yet strong and sometimes he flirted back. Or did he? Not sure, I was 18.

Second memory I'm pretty sure came to me from a Petsmart commercial about this little girl who picks a kitten and then looks at the rest of litter and asks her dad "what about his brothers and sisters?" and he gets this look like he has to take them all. An ex of mine years ago took me to pick a kitten out because I wanted a pet. I immediately fell in love with two black kittens in cage, they had so much character and played with my fingers through the cage (as I'm sure they would with anyone, but I felt it was because of me). I could only pick one and I couldn't decide, I stood there forever and asked the lady at the pound if they had names and she said no but they had collars with numbers on them and that's how they were identified. I finally said I couldn't pick either one because I wanted both and instead went and looked at some other kittens, but I kept thinking of those two. My ex convinced me to pick one and I did, begrudgingly. He asked me to go wait in the car while he paid for everything and did the paperwork, I sat in the car thinking of my new kitten and what I was going to name it. I looked up as my ex walked out carrying TWO kittens! He had gotten both! LOL When we got home he asked what we should name them and I said 7 and 9, the last number on their collars.

Embrace your random memories, they come to you for a reason. ;) peace


  1. Thanks for sharing your memories. Your story about 7 and 9 is absolutely precious. :)

  2. Thanks, it was a precious moment! ;) peace