Friday, October 8, 2010

Start of Something Good

I started my day out getting locked in my room! LOL My doorknob has been acting up lately and this morning it decided to completely break, so yeah that's how my day started. I got out through my window ate 6 mini corn dogs with hot sauce and then took the doorknob off. Hopefully I can get a new one this afternoon to put on. I have a quiz tonight and a bunch of tech homework to do! I'm being optimistic that because my day started off kind of sucky, that means it's only going to get better! So of course I have to post my favorite YT video, I mean you just can't have a bad day watching this and if you do, well watch it again! You'll feel better! ;) peace


  1. I hope the quiz went well! Of course, I'm sure you did just fine. :)

  2. I think I aced it but ya never know, I didn't study for it but I did read the material. ;) peace