Wednesday, November 3, 2010


So I have to move in a couple months, I'm okay with that, everything runs it's course. I'm  probably going back in to a hotel, until at least May when I graduate my first year and am employable. I'm looking forward to it because I can start working out again! Sit ups! Normally I pat my stomach and it sounds like a drum, um, not so much anymore! lol So until then, enjoy these drum stomachs! ;) peace


  1. Hopefully i'll be moving in a couple months too! I wanna go to college, i got accepted at a college in Arizona, they keep emailing me offering me online courses and tuition grants but at the moment it's impossible, but looking forward to the future! :)

    Well done in you final :)

    P.S. These guys have nice legs.....sorry huge thing about legs....but they're not as nice as someone elses :D

  2. Not so much a drum as a washboard. A man could do himself an injury on those and! I wish I could have great and but i'm far too fond of cake:-(

    Good luck with the last of the exams and the house hunting.

  3. @sylvia lol thank you!

    @leccy you could if you want to, that's my goal, to get mine back. I mean I have flat stomach, but my abs are hiding. lol ;) peace