Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Had a great day with my family, good eats, spent time with my nephew and ate enough to feed a family of four!! Tomorrow is more eating, and then Saturday...more eating. So my pic tonight isn't as hot as I normally post but it's a memory of my stomach before Thanksgiving! lol I'm hoping it still looks the same come Monday morning! I hope everyone had a great Holiday and I'm thankful for so much, I can't even list everything. Big Hugz to all. ;) peace


  1. We don't do thanksgiving in my part of the world, so i'm not sure what the correct thing to say is. Still, I hope you had a great day and i'm sure the effects of turkey will wear of soon :) Do you do it all again in a month?

  2. @leccy that would be called Christmas. LOL