Saturday, December 11, 2010


So my day started off shitty! My sister ended up flaking on me on going to our cousin's son's birthday party which means my niece couldn't go because my addict/drunk sister wouldn't let her. I was furious and for my Twitter followers, thank you! I rarely go off like that but I was upset and I appreciate your support. I think why I was so pissed was because I NEVER ask my sister for anything. I know I'll be disappointed and so I just don't, but this time I let my guard down and she got to hurt me. I wanna say never again but I know it will happen again. Anyways, the rest of the day turned out great and I had so much fun and so did my nephew. I got some school work done and I was actually comfortable leaving my nephew alone with the party (he's legally blind, so sometimes I get over protective). His cousins watched out for him, my cousins watched out for him and they all helped guide him. He has to grab your elbow and be "steered", so to speak. It was a good day and I told him we'll start visiting them more often. His mom has no say over him, or even my niece actually so I will be talking to her dad so I can start seeing her on the weekends.
I may have no friends close by, but I do have my family and I'm grateful for them. ;) peace


  1. And we are greatful to have your family through you.

    We love our familis so much we can never truly hate them can we, no matter what they to you? NS

  2. I'm sorry that your day started so badly and that your niece didn't get to go. I am glad you were able to make a good day for your nephew. *hugs*