Monday, January 24, 2011

Today's Weather...

...was gorgeous!! I took the day "off" from school. Not in a funky way, but in a "I just need a me day" way. My friend was at work so I had the place to myself and it was just so peaceful and quiet! I watched a movie, did some surfing, was nice. I took a walk out in the sun and it was warm with a slight breeze and I just felt recharged! Was totally the kind of day I needed, back to the grind of school tomorrow! ;) peace


  1. I have never been one for the beach much, but, hmmm.... :)

    Is there a good song about California boys? If not, there oughta be!

  2. @leccy um, songs about California boys are usually rap songs about gang members. I need to start a movement. ;) peace