Monday, February 7, 2011


First day, new term. So today were all new classes, I'm optimistic about this term. Last term, was difficult, back in a hotel, moving every two weeks to another one...sucked and I'm just glad I didn't quit. Well that's over now, I'm in a more permanent place and my attitude is better. Although, no new eye candy (since I started school back in August!) but tomorrow are 2 new classes. Hopefully some Hotness in the new term! ;) peace


  1. I've got one word to say "Hotness"!!

    Hope you find some hotness :)

  2. I like it when Leo is happy. He posts preety pictures!

    Seriously tho dude, glad you've beat the first year blues. Sounds like things are on the up.

  3. Do you seriously want eye candy while in class, I would find it way too distracting, lol.

    Try this site, if you want the name of the song etc etc, on your twitvid.

    Perfect eye candy, thank you

  4. @sylvia lol, so do I!
    @leccy thank you, it was a tough time for me, but I'm still here and still in school. :)
    @NS I miss you emailing me dude! and a distraction is a good thing, at times! lol
    ;) peace

  5. Hey Leo. I have been reading thru your posts and I have to say I am glad your living situation is better. School is hard enough without that added pressure. Good luck with classes this term. I hope to read more from you. :D

  6. @becullen thank you for checking out my blog! Yeah it was tough, but I'm still here doing what I need to do, to finish. ;) peace