Monday, February 21, 2011


For those who have followed me for awhile you know, I adore JJ  he has some channels on YouTube JJTheTrue and  jjsbay. He is such a talented editor, he picks the best songs, the best pictures of hot men and puts them together in a way that makes you kind of go, "wow".
My favorite video of his, is this one. Most of you know that,  I love the song, I love the editing and the story line he creates with his images.

Start of Something.

Well JJ put out a new video that is a modern, sexy version of Start of Something Good. I love the song, I love the editing and the hot! The song is Adam Lambert -Fever, and wow, he has outdone himself. Please check out his channels. He's amazing and he's also the sweetest guy. Thank you JJ, you make me smile. hugz ;) peace


  1. Hot! Shame about the David Cameron answers your questions on you tube banner that popped up! But hot! :)

  2. @sylvia Sweetie you know you can close those, just click the X in the upper right hand corner of the banner and they will go away. ;) peace