Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Things that make me laugh, Blog Update.

Today was a good day at school, had lunch with Hottie. Ugh. Last term I was his lunch buddy and pretty much would sit across from him and imagine him choking and then wondering if I would decide to help. This term Twinky is his lunch buddy but Twinky been having some court dates, so Hottie's been calling me when noon time comes. It's cool, I do have fun with him, he's just a bit much at times. Math class tonight went great! I have surprised myself so far in that class, kinda "getting it". It's just basic arithmetic but even that scares me! So tonight, I wanted to laugh and Glozell does that! Hella funny, especially when she slams Kesha. ;) peace


  1. She's fab! You know what else is fab? This is :According to one major newspaper, full marriage equality is coming to Britain by the end of this week.

    The government is expected to announce full marriage equality for gays and lesbians under reforms to marriage laws to be announced later this week. The reported move will end the final major legal discrimination against gays and lesbians in Britain. According to the Sunday Times, a proposal to end the ban on same sex marriage will be announced by the Liberal Democrat equality minister Lynne Featherstone at the same time as the government announces the time table for civil partnerships to be held in religious buildings. Just wanted to share this with you :)
    Glad you had a good day :)

  2. HAHAHAHA I needed that this morning. Hope you have another good day today, hun.

  3. @sylvia that is great news! Well for there! lol ;) peace
    @becullen She has a ton of videos that I crack up on! Expect more, and today was good. Was a "me" day. ;) peace