Monday, February 28, 2011

Turn Around!

School today was pretty simple, my homework was done, got more assignments, and now I have more homework. Same ol same ol, I know.

Oh, before I order to get my first certification in IT (A+ cert), I need to pass my school's practice cert with a 95% or better...twice. While this is why I'm going to school, this term hasn't been that important to me tech-wise because of all my other classes. Well now I've got like 2 weeks to get two certs, and I think I'm the last in my class to qualify for the actual A+ Cert. Today, I took my first school cert and passed, so at some point this week I have to do that again and then schedule myself for my 701 A+ cert. I ALSO have to do my 702 A+ cert, in the next two weeks (while passing my school's practice 702 A+ cert, first, twice) and I have yet to study for that. Will I do it? I sure as heck hope so, I'm not stressing like everyone else because, I just have a feeling I'll be okay. I'm good at this. Sorry if none of that made sense, it's kinda hard to explain. haha! :)

Today my buddy at school told me to take the school cert, he said I was ready for it. I told him I wasn't confident enough to do that, he said "You're like one of the top students in all of our tech are ready." So I had to turn around my way of approaching the school's practice cert test. It's the same "learning mode" test(s) I've been practicing, only now it will be in my school's "practice cert mode". Once I did that, I did great and like I said, I passed. Let's hope I can do it again this week!
;) peace


  1. Congrats again, and I know you'll do well on your other test. *hugs*

  2. Thank you both! I'm going to try again tomorrow! ;) peace