Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's all about the Eyes.

Finished my last day class this morning! Woo hoo! No more waking up early! Well, at least until I find a job. Last night was 2nd year orientation, and I must say I feel a bit overwhelmed by the tech courses we will be taking! It's going to be rigorous to say the least! I'm looking forward to it though.

Of the 19 guys in my first tech class, only 7 of us made it to the second year. Of the 12 guys in MY class (started when I did) only 4 of us have moved on to 2nd year. Kinda weird. Although my tech teach in my first class (HTT, Hot Tech Teach) did say that as the year went on the class size will dwindle, and it certainly did. It is going to feel weird not being at school during the day. The 2nd year of your program is only at night, this way you can work in your field during the day and apply what you learn from your night classes. I'll also have to go on Saturdays, ugh! 2 nights a week and Saturdays!

So for now I'll be leaving behind Hottie, Pierced, SJ, and others who have been a part of my TL on Twitter for almost a year now. I'll see them when they get to their 2nd year though.

Today Matt and I gave our final presentation, so glad to be done with that class! His eyes are the inspiration for my post! Matt has gorgeous yes! ha! And no, I don' think of Matt like that, he's a sweetie though. Enjoy your Thursday! I'm going to veg a bit, and then head back to campus to meet with Career Services. ;) peace


  1. Congrats on finishing your first year! I know you'll do an awesome job in second year.

  2. Thanks, I was bit overwhelmed at orientation! Our IT Chair said "Welcome to the hardest, most difficult year, of your academic career." Yeah, that didn't really help me! lol Ain't no thing but a chicken wing! hugz ;) peace

  3. Gentleman in photo number 2 has an unbelievable jawline. Will you look at that jaw... Striking.

  4. @bix LOL, yes he does!! ;) peace