Thursday, December 8, 2011


So today was a good day. I got MOST of my studying done, I arrived early on campus and got "the look" from a really cute guy, and Hot Tech Teach looked especially hot tonight. When he stands in front of the projector his eyes glitter and look almost purple, they are hazel, but I think he knows that. So this class is pretty much just a study class, we just study for our MS Certs, only thing is we joke so much, not much studying goes on. Was a fun class. :)

The next 6 weeks are going to be grueling for me, so I may not blog much (not like I do a lot, but ya know) and I may not Tweet much, I have to focus. The next 6 weeks are the WHOLE reason I signed up for this degree. I gotta be on it.

I talked to Hottie tonight at school, and saw Twinky. I felt kind of melancholy about my first year, it was so much to deal with, and they were a part of that. In any case, I gotta keep moving forward, which I will do. Tonight's muse is the cute guy who gave me a nod, and the hot guy who kept staring at me while on his phone. Haha. ;) peace


  1. Have you ever thought *you* might be the hot guy in the tech class? Just checkin'.

    Speaking of hot stuff, what's the latest on the slow cooker front? It must be coming up to winter over there.

    Oh and I really must take up jogging...

  2. @leccy I will admit, I'd date me if I was to choose from the guys in my tech class! haha! The slow cooker? *sigh* I'm just about to blog about that, not good, my friend, not good! haha! ;) peace