Friday, December 16, 2011


Today was a weird day, well not weird but random. First, I'm at Safeway getting gas, and this hottie walks in front of my car and we kinda check each other out. Then as I'm leaving the Safeway parking lot, we are at stop signs (yes this is Cali, we got stop signs in our strip malls) and we both like, just stare at each other, and I admit I got butterflies. LOL Anyways, so he turns left and I turn right, and head to Barnes and Noble. Well, guess who parks in the next row in front of me, seconds after I get there? Yup, the same dude! *sigh* no, nothing happened, I didn't talk to him or anything, but I do wonder if he followed me 'cause he parked on the B&N side of the strip mall, yet walked to the Target side, which has it's own parking lot.

Tonight a cute lil girl was running around the store saying "Hi You" to people, and they all said "hi" back. Except for one older lady who said "I don't know you". I almost called her a b*tch, I wanted to. People can be mean.

I was reading at B&N and a guy sat down across from me and proceeded to Skype, in Spanish, and then had the nerve to shoot me dirty looks when I got a text message. After the 3rd time I got a text I said "what?" and he got up and left. Yeah. Prolly for the best.

And finally, I think I figured out how to drive my bro's car where it doesn't do that glitchy thing on me, and be an 8 second car, okay maybe 10, but it's fast if you drive it right. Haha!

Tonight's muse, the guy who shared a look with me, he was hot. Class in the
morning. ;) peace


  1. lmfao at the lady who said "I don't know you" ! ! !

    i would say that too but not because i want to be mean but just because it is such a funny response ! ! !



  2. Maybe the older woman thought "You" was a person's name?

    Anyway ... how in the world do these men have such little body fat?

  3. @TM$ LOL, I just thought it was rude, cute little kid being all friendly! haha ;) paece

    @Bix Right?! ha! ;) peace