Thursday, December 1, 2011

Random Update

Next week we start a new term at school, the most important one of my academic career, well so far anyways. We will be studying for our Microsoft Certifications to become MCITP (Microsoft Certified IT Professionals) so we can become System Administrators. I was really nervous about my A+ Cert, but this is a whole different ball game! I'm not too worried though, not yet.

It's been nice having a car again, especially since it's getting cold out, it's nice to not have to walk. The car has issues though, haha, it's crazy! Basically at times I have to pop the clutch, while turning the ignition off and on, WHILE it's running, try that at 70mph! LOL, and my brother said he didn't drive rez cars, whatever. It has a full warranty though, I just need to find time to take it to the dealer, my bro lives in the middle of nowhere, so he never had a chance to take it in and get it looked at. Will try and do that next week.

On the trip back to OR with my brother and his family he told me something that made me feel really good. I guess my school sent my parents a letter notifying them I made the Dean's List. My mom told me about it, and I didn't think much of it. Well I guess when my brother was there, my dad pulled the letter out and showed him. Then when my uncle and auntie stopped by, he pulled the letter out and showed them too. My bro said he was really proud, and my dad was glad my brother was going to lend me his car because I made it this far in school, and I need to finish. That made me feel really good he kept the letter and is proud of me. My parents don't always understand when I try and explain what I'm going to school for, but at least they know I'm doing good in it. Annnd let's segue into why I'm not doing THAT great, lol!

On Monday I went to my Environmental Science class and was told we had a midterm. What? I had NO idea! I don't really care for the teacher, he HOLLERS his lecture, he doesn't follow the book, and basically I don't pay attention, which is probably why I didn't know we had a midterm. I hadn't done any of the homework, 'cause I figured I'd do it the last week of class, like I did in my Ethics class, well except I did it in halves, first half of term I did 1-7, end of term I did 8-15 (chapters). It was easy, not a problem, and thought I'd do the same here. Um, yeah...not so much. Not only did I have to leave the class because I wasn't prepared for the midterm (voluntarily of course) but when I went to do the homework so I could STUDY for my rescheduled midterm, it was more difficult than I thought! I soooo dropped the ball and took this class for granted! So I had to do some heavy cramming, and even today I wasn't comfortable taking it (rescheduled for today), so I rescheduled it (again) for tomorrow, when it HAS to be done. My friend is in the same boat, so I'll be taking it with him, and I also don't feel like such a dork either. Haha, so yeah...epic #fail (twitter speak) at being a student.

So that's what has been going on with me, nothing changes much, it's all about school. I chatted with Hottie tonight for a bit at school, been awhile since we spoke, he didn't TOTALLY annoy me. :) Matt is still there, he dropped when he started 2nd year with me, so I'm glad he made it through this term. Twinky came back and he also completed this term, still 1st year though, but at least he's doing it. SJ dropped for good, but supposedly may start at another school in January. I haven't seen Pierced, or Texas in forever so I don't think they are still in school. I know NONE of this made sense, but these are guys who started when I did, and who were big parts of my first year in school. My older followers will remember them.

Okay, going to post some hot guys now, because it just feels right! :p Happy December everyone, and so far my Holiday funk has been held at bay. ;) peace

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  1. Hon, you know I'm so happy that you got that car.

    I'm also glad that your family has acknowledged how well you've done. I am so proud of you. *hugs*