Thursday, January 19, 2012


Where to start? Was such a random day/week. I guess I'll start with my ditzy story.

This past Sunday I went and studied with friends at a friend's house. I decided to change study subjects after about an hour, and I switched to science. One of the assignments is to complete something called reflection paragraphs. Basically you are asked 10 questions about the content of the class, and how you developed tools to apply what you learned. It's kinds of the same question 10 times with different indicators, it's lame. I did the same reflection paragraphs last summer for my Ethics class. Then you grade yourself based on your answer, by giving yourself a score between 0-5. The assignment is worth 50 points, 10 questions. I got a C on my Ethic's assignmen. Think about it. I was honest and graded myself accordingly, I could have had an A had I given myself all 5's. LOL! I didn't pay attention to the instructions, GRADING MYSELF for some reason did not stick. OMG! The guys started rolling we when figured it out. On one answer I gave myself a 2 and my friend said if had given myself a 3 I would have got a B, and then we all started laughing harder. All this time I blamed my teacher, but no we did the math, the numbers I gave myself totaled the score I got for that assignment! I guess you had to be there, but we joked about it forever. They were going give me a crown with the word dorC on it, I am now known as the person who gave himself a C. I got an A overall in the class, but by .54%! What if I had given myself a 4 instead of a 5, a 3 instead of a 4? I would have sank my own A. I felt sick, and stupid! LOL so THIS time I gave myself all 5's on my Science assignment. SMH!! Totally a ditzy Leo thing to do, I don't pay attention.

I'm behind on studying for my certs, but HTT (Hot Tech Teach) likes me so I think he'll give me extra time to pass the school cert, and then I can schedule my actual Microsoft cert for Active Directory. I'm not worried, I have other classes to deal with, but that work is winding down, so I can focus more on cert studying.

So my slutty neighbor, fine that's "friendly" neighbor got her self another new roomie. Funny how she only rents to guys. Anyways, he has a very nice body, I saw him w/o his shirt one night when he went to get something from his car. So he knocked on my door today and asked if I would give him a jump. He had a joint behind one ear, and was wearing a Hustler tee-shirt. Really? Well I thought it was odd because his car is fairly new, but okay. His car started immediately, no lag or anything. Suspect. He also called me bro like 14 times. So yeah, there's your mental image. Was just kind of a weird situation, he introduced himself, but I forgot his name already...I want to say Gunn? Or Dunn? I dunno.

Still working out, but have yet to put on a pound, but I am getting up earlier, so that resolution is being met.

There is this guy at school I have noticed staring at me the last few weeks. I don't mean staring and looking away when I notice, but holding my gaze when I do. It's not a sexual stare, a mean stare, I can't decide what adjective to associate with it. He just looks at me as I walk by. Today he watched me walk all the way from another building, I could see him sitting in the lobby of the building, watching me. It was the building where I had my class, so when I got in the door I stared and back and he just held my gaze, no emotion that I could read, but he watched me walk across the lobby to the stairs.

I walked into classroom and my friend is the only one there (it's like 2 hours before class starts), and soon as I set up my laptop our other friend walks in. So we're catching up and sure enough, the guy who stares walks in the classroom and asks if we had a class right now. I said no, not until 6, so he sits at a computer in the row behind us. My friends and I start joking, and talking about class, and homework, and the Stare Guy kind of chuckles whenever I say something funny. My one friend keeps looking at him on the sly like "why are you listening to us? Much less laughing?". So Stare Guy is there about 10 mins, and then he leaves, but comes back like 2 minutes later asking if we had Lab Simms from year one we could give him, but he's staring at me while asking us. So I check to see if I have it on an old flash drive from last year, but I don't, and he says thanks I'll get it off one of the machines. We made chit chat for a bit, I asked what class he was in and how he was liking it, stuff like that. And then he was gone. Weird. Oh btw did I mention he is HOT!!! Way young tho, that's my only issue, but HOT!!

So that's my update, sorry for the long ramble, guess I should post more and not go 3 days at a time. :) Tomorrow I hit the gym, finish my paper, and start on my cert work. Next couple of weeks are going to be busy! Hope you all are well! ;) peace

p.s. For my new followers, a hodgepodge post is, obviously, a post of different random subjects, so therefore the pics that follow are kind of pics that wouldn't normally fit into a category that I normally post on...Hotness, Legs, It's All About the Eyes etc; or it could be a pic that could be posted in many different categories, I'll let you decide. :D


  1. As a teacher, I had to laugh at the fact you gave yourself a C. I tell my kids to always read directions carefully. LOL!

    1. LOL, I was so embarrassed. And of course the guys are not letting forget about it! Haha. ;) peace

  2. "Funny how she only rents to guys."

  3. Hey, can you tell me where you found the pic of the lovely guy sitting on his bed? This is my favorite picture/gorgeous person on the entire internet. I'm trying to track him down. I mean, he actually exists somewhere in the world...why not try to really find him and introduce myself, right? :-)