Saturday, January 14, 2012

It's all about the Eyes.

So today, I was making a right turn and a very hot guy on a bike pulled up next to me. We smiled at each other, and he motioned for me to roll my window down, which I did. He then asked me what time it was, I told him and he smiled. He had the prettiest eyes! The muse for tonight's post. :)

Had a great time with the guys in class today, my guys consist of a white guy, an Asian, a Mexican and me...Native American. We are so racially offensive with each other! LOL it's great though, all in good fun. BTW I'm supposed to wake up with the sun, LOL ! My one friend has never been to Yosemite, I told him it's okay you're Mexican. Haha, he was like "what should be the level of me being offended?". LOL we all laughed. Friendship is awesome. We have a study group tomorrow, but I think the Asian friend really wants us to try this dance game he got for Kinect for Xbox. Nerds trying to dance, should be fun. Hope you all are enjoying your three day weekend. ;) peace


  1. Hon, I'm glad you're having fun studying with your guys. Umm, you do actually get around to the studying when you're together, right? :)

    1. Well today we STARTED off studying, and then ended up playing pool and doing Dance Central2, which btw, is not a good look for me. ;) peace