Thursday, February 9, 2012


Where to start? First, school is tough this term. I've taken the classes that I need to get my MCITP (Microsoft Certified IT Professional) certifications, but my homework load is crazy. I have like 54 assignments to do this term! That's like 4.5 per class period! Hot Tech Teach decided to make our Exchange Server class more interesting, and doubled our labs, tripled the amount of our homework questions, and not to mention we have online labs to do. While we don't get credit for the online labs, we have to do them to answer questions, and perform tasks in our in class labs...which we do get graded on. So yeah, it's an insane amount of work to get done. PLUS I'm supposed to be studying for my MS certs, there are three of them, with a combined study question pool of almost a 1,000 questions to go through. Yeah.

My brother needs his car back next month, and my unemployment runs out soon, so I've been looking for a job this week, and it's been pretty hectic. I've uploaded my resume to a few places online and got some calls from recruiters. I have a phone interview with Hewlett Packard on Monday. I'm happy about that, but I'm also wary because that just seemed too easy. Someone emails me about my resume and this job their sourcing for, and 4 email exchanges later I have an interview with one of the biggest tech companies in the world? As one would say on Twitter, #suspect. Well if I get a call on Monday for the interview, then I'll believe it. Looking for a job has taken even more time away from studying, and now knowing I have a deadline of a little over a month, I'm kinda stressing. If I lose the car, I'm sure the guys will step up like they did last fall and take me back and forth to class, but that doesn't solve the issue of my unemployment running out. So yeah, I need job, now! I'm ready to go back to work, it's been almost three years! Dang, how time flies.

So that's my rant, nothing major just some deadline, stress, and school. Ha, the usual. I've been to my gym once since I joined, haha, but I have been going to my gym here at the condos, but not as often. I need a routine. I may have more to blog later about a couple of cute guys at school. :) I'm off to campus where we will have DOUBLE lecture time because only 2 people showed up for Saturday's class. LOL, that's the day I didn't go 'cause I went out the night before.

Now time for the pretty. Hope you all are well. ;) peace

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