Friday, March 2, 2012


I can not believe this week has flown by so fast! I swear I was just stressing Monday about my final on Wednesday! Haha! Oh btw, I got an A on my History final. Woot! Woot! Today me and the guys met up on campus to work on our final project, and I finished MY part of the project. Now I just have to catch up on the rest of my homework in the class. We are all behind though, 54 assignments due in 6 weeks! We're getting some extra days before everything is due though. And we are thinking of talking to our IT chair. That's triple our normal homework load for a tech class, AND we are still supposed to be in cert mode (studying for our MS certs), and there's no way we can do both. Okay, maybe not triple, but a lot more than we are used to!

I need to start carrying a wallet. Today in the Popeye's drive through, I didn't have enough cash on me to pay for my order, so I had to pop the trunk, get out of the car and retrieve my ATM card from my backpack. I threw my ATM card in the middle console, and head off for campus. Later, I'm in line at Safeway, once again realize I don't have enough cash for my items, but this time my ATM card is in my car...2 parking lots away! So I had the cashier put my items to the side while I went to get my card. I keep my cards (library, Bevmo, Safeway, etc...) wrapped in a rubber band! LOL

Had a great day with the guys, we shared drinking stories, had serious conversations about tech stuff, watched Dave Chappelle on YouTube (I don't care for him), also watched a gladiator spider catch a grass hopper. Haha! The guys, include 4 of us, a white guy, Chinese, Mexican, and me the Native American. The convos we have sometimes, lol! We are so individually unique, I think that's why we mesh well. I probably would have dropped out of school if it wasn't for them. We are the last 4 of a class of 20 something that started in our tech classes over a year ago. There are more than 4 people in my tech classes, but they are from "other" tech classes, the tech classes rotate and sometimes you have to wait, so they aren't from our original class.

My bro is taking the car back in a lil less than a month. He needs it as his truck is giving him problems. I'll be okay for school, the guys will take me back and forth. Hopefully I can save up enough for a clunker with my unemployment before he has to take it back. Not really worried, everything always works out. :)

Now to the Hodgepodge pics! If you are a regular follower, I have different categories I post hot guys under, Legs, Eyes, Hotness, etc. Some pics, just don't fit my normal categories, or, could fit in more than one. They end up in Hodgepodge posts! Enjoy your weekend! Class in the morning. ;) peace

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