Wednesday, May 16, 2012


So my experimenting with the crock pot is not going well. So far I am 4 inedible, and 2 edible dishes! Haha, I think my problem with my last dish, is I over cooked it. I usually go an hour or two longer than the recipe says because I'm afraid the meat won't cook through. I attempted this chicken and rice dish last night. The recipe was simple, but when I woke up this morning, ick! It was like a paste thingy, and my chicken thighs had literally disappeared! Not even a bone! LOL So I'm assuming I cooked it way too long. Soooo, since I'm trying to eat healthier (getting sick of eating out, and eating processed foods, and with no car can't go visit momma for home cooking)maybe I should try something like this? It looks delish, I love all the ingredients, and it's fast, and healthy. Hmmm, I may try it later this week.

Happy Hump Day, I got class tonight. Hoping my teacher can help me with my Linux install, I got it on my machine, but the GUI is all messed up. ;) peace

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