Friday, June 15, 2012


Okay, yes it's been awhile. Let's catch up! First: My lappy with all my blog pics on it is back up and running! Yay, Huey! Hewlett-Packard lappy. Linux officially hates me, but it's no longer on my machine, so I don't care! It's what killed Huey in the first place. Second: Went out for beers last night with Hottie, had a good time. Been awhile since I have went out. We went to a dive bar close to school, and just chilled and watched ESPN. Oh how I miss watching sports. He didn't annoy me (sure it was the beer), and was all around a laid back evening being out. Good times. Third: I hate Stats. New class. Fourth: I love Cisco. New class. Networking. Fifth: Met a guy at school named Hayden. My new crush, we flirt big time. Sixth: My straight friend who gives me a ride to school, kind of came out to me last night. Kind of. Seventh: Still no car, no job, and unemployment ends next week. Not worried, this is what faith looks like. It will work out. ;) peace

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