Monday, July 2, 2012


So much to do today, and I'm getting a late start because of my obsession with the movie Thor. LOL Chris Hemsworth. He really is a god!

I have Cisco homework to catch up on, and I also need to switch the hard drives in my laptops out. Which means I need to do a clean install of a new OS on both, since the chipsets are different in each machine. That means I can't basically just swap them out and bring up Windows. I think on one lappy I'm going to install Windows server and actually make it a sever, then network my other lappy to it, great way to get experience in administration, and I can do my labs all over again in RL and not in a virtual.

My "straight" friend has been drunk texting me lately, and last night he basically asked me out on a date. LOL Of course I haven't heard from him today because I'm sure once he woke up this morning he felt really embarrassed. For the record, he is a very nice guy, but definitely not my type.

Hayden is still just a bundle of sunshine and good energy, I adore him! He's the guy I kinda crushed on at school, and we have this chemistry. Now I think I'd rather be friends, heck I don't even know if he's gay or not. Doesn't matter,just a really good person.

My bro is getting me the Samsung Epic for my birthday! So excited, it's a nice phone. I had to take mine in again because of the screen. So they are ordering a new screen for it which should come in this week. Yay! I'll get to see my brother tomorrow as he's down visiting my parents. Will be nice to see him.

I think that's about everything, still job searching, but I think I found some good leads and some good technical recruiters, so who knows? I'm ready to go back to work, it's been 3 years! Can you believe that? Well in this economy it's not impossible to believe. Hope you all have a great week! ;) peace

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