Saturday, July 14, 2012


So today was my last tech class. Took my final in Cisco, and got an A, and that's it no more tech classes. It was kind of weird. I've been with three of the guys for 2 years and the rest of the class for the last year. We started with 21 guys a year ago, and 9 of us finished. Me and two friends usually play cards before lecture, and after lecture. We play and joke and I crack them up because I keep forgetting the rules. LOL The game is called Dueces and we play the Chinese, and the Vietnamese style. Anyways, it occurred to me that this would be the last time we played in class. It's beginning to sink in that I'm almost done with this degree. I can taste the freedom! Haha.

Still job searching, I'm feeling optimistic. Just gotta focus on these last six weeks of Statistics and then I'm done! So close! ;) peace

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