Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Today's Weather...

...is Hot!! We are supposed to be in the 100's all week. Luckily where I live, we have a Delta breeze usually. So if it's a 100 it only feels like maybe 95, lol! Still hot, but bearable. With no car I tend to study in the clubhouse on hot days, but today I came to the library to use their bandwith. :) Wasn't too bad of a walk, and it's really close. The heat is supposed to last until this weekend, which btw Saturday is my last Saturday class! Woo hoo! Had Saturday class for over a year! Ugh! Not that I'm a party animal on Friday nights or anything, but getting up early on Saturdays to go to class is never fun. Even if you like the class.

Hope you are all staying cool. ;) peace


  1. The other morning I was standing at the bus stop and it would have been about 40 deg F with a wind blowing. Definitely not shirts off weather. Hope you're enjoying the sun :-)

    1. Brrr!! Yeah we've had some nice weather for July. ;) peace