Saturday, August 4, 2012

Today's Weather...

...was gray. It kinda felt like fall! It was also very gusty out, one of those days I'm thankful I have my backpack on, or else I'd blow away!

First off, my apologies. I shocked MYSELF when I saw I hadn't blogged in 7 days!! I swear, I am blogging in my head to you guys all the time! LOL So maybe I think I blogged a post, but I guess it's all in my head. Yes I'm concerned for me, too. Haha. Losing it.

Well I'm down to 3 more stats classes and I'm done. 2 more unemployment checks, and then that's gone. Still frantically looking for a job, hoping Josh can hook me up with a waiter position. He asked for my # the other day btw. :)

I interviewed for an IT position a couple days ago, I didn't get the position, but it was my first IT interview so that was kinda cool. I learned a lot from it. The location was difficult for me to get to though, so it may be a good thing.

So yeah, that's all. I got an A in my Cisco class, a B on my Stats test, and I'm still terrified of failing Stats and not graduating. So yeah with all that, and looking for a job, worrying about money, studying for my MS Certs, I'm kind of a mess. But a hot mess who looks like he has it all together. Haha which is probably why I THOUGHT I had blogged this past week.

Anyways, here is some happy for you. Enjoy your weekend! ;) peace


  1. Many good things going on in your life. Its always good to see.

    1. Thanks, it gets hectic but it'll all work out. ;) peace