Monday, October 29, 2012


So my day started off bad, irritating, and annoying. Haha. Seriously I was just done by noon! My roomie took the day off to run an errand this morning, so that bummed me out. He of course sat in the condo all day afterwards. I have ONE day a week where I get the condo to myself, and it's Monday! *sigh* So I don't like to be here when he's here because it's a small place, not much privacy, and I feel stuck in my room. So I took off and hit the buses and trains, and ended up at Sac State where I caught up on some of my shows, applied for some jobs, enjoyed the eye candy (college dudes) and basically turned my day around.

This morning I also dealt with some people who annoy me, and I was just like...ugh, everyone leave me alone! Haha! Ever have one of those days? So I went off the grid, turned off my phone, gave Twitter the finger, and just had a chill afternoon. LOL

I applied for a waiter position that is close to home where I can walk to work and still have some me time, and probably make more money than I do now; not having to pay out for public transit fares. I like my job, and the people are okay, but 7a.m. to 9:30p.m. days are just too much for me. I get no time to get anything done. We'll see what happens with the waiter job. I just want to save up for a car, and get my MS Certs.

The gay property manager of the condo complex (yes I feel I must say that he's gay) haha, filled me in on the gossip today. I went to the clubhouse to download my shows, and he was like "Leo, where have you been? I haven't seen you in ages!" It was nice to catch up with him, he's going to give me a ride to work on Friday because his corporate office is in the same city I work, so that's cool. He also knows a guy who owns a car dealership, and may be able to get me a good deal, that's cool too.

 So I guess the point was, I was not meant to stay home and watch my shows today; like I normally do on Mondays. That's okay, turned an icky morning, into a great day. Hope you all are well. Back to work tomorrow for me. ;) peace

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