Thursday, December 13, 2012


Where to start? Well, I dropped my phone on the bus tonight and the screen shattered. It's supposed to be Gorilla Glass! So I am very sad my Samsung Galaxy S3 is hurt. I'm taking it in tomorrow to the repair shop. Sprint hooks me up pretty good though. I'm sure my phone will be fine. I did order a case, but since it's the Holiday season, it won't be here until the 27th! Happy frigging Holidays to you and yours. Haha. I'm going to rent a car this weekend because I don't have a ride home on Saturday from work. My friend Roy has plans, and he normally picks me up Sat. nite. Since I'll have the car for the weekend (hopefully) I'm going to try and work Sunday so I'll get some OT in. Will be good for the pay check. When I told my mom tonight that my screen was cracked, she said "that's why I stay with monkey glass." *sigh* rezparents. Haha. She actually just got an Android phone a few weeks ago. I get like 4 texts a day starting with "how do I....?* OOMF on Twitter graduated tonight. I'm really happy for him. OOMF on Twitter has to deal with Baby Jesus like erry day! I feel bad for her, but I know she can handle it! OOMF on Twitter gave me big hugz today, I totally needed it because work was crazy. He also copped a feel, but that's just LJ. :p Today we had free food at work. Hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, a lot of good stuff! So I grazed all day AND ate the lunch I brought! Haha, so foodwise, I was happy. :) Still looking into buying a car, but the last salesman I talked to was called Big Rick. So um, maybe just look into renting for now. Jeeez! Hope you all had a great week. ;) peace

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