Saturday, February 23, 2013


Where do I start? Hmmm, well I had my interview yesterday for the job where my friend works. It went well, but at the end he thought I was over qualified (which I so am), but I really tried to sell myself, stating that someone with my experience and knowledge, he's getting a deal. The job doesn't pay much, but it's perm. He said he'll let me know by Monday. The owner is hot btw, that could prove to be a distraction. :D I like the job I have now, but it's temp with "promises" to go perm, but when? It's been six months already.

There's a clerk at a local convenience store near where I work that flirts me with so hard! He's so hot! The other day he had me feel his bicep! LOL I so did! Nothing will come of it, but I do enjoy the attention.

Jeremy fricking died on The Vampire Diaries...Jeremy!! I was so traumatized, still kind of reeling from the shock. How could they do that? I guess it's so Elena's storyline will go darker, or whatever, but he was fine, yo! I hope he get's another TV show, or movie deal, soon. Steven R. Mcqueen.

I eat a lot, like a lot, a lot. So people at work always give me hard time about it. LOL But in a good way, because I don't put on a pound (I weigh 137, never changes). Not sure why I bring this up, I think because it's kind of spreading through the whole building now. Haha.

My rental car this work week (F-M) is a Ford Fusion. It's nice! They had me in a Yaris, but like the most basic Yaris you could get. I had to upgrade. The Fusion is a nice solid car, has all the bells and whistles that I like. Techy stuffy. :)

Hmmm, okay.. I think that's it. For those new to my blog, Hodgepodge is exactly that, just a collection of different things (subjects). So I try to make the pics match my post, kind of random. Hope you are all enjoying your  weekend! Tomorrow is my Thursday. ;) peace


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