Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I'm a horrible blogger! Sorry, it's been awhile I know! I'll catch you up real quick, but more DOMA; and Prop 8 was overturned! As a person who lives in California, I always felt that we should have been one of the first states to approve gay marriage. But then again we did elect the Terminator as our Governor. For the record, I was living out of state when that happened! lol While I'm looking for a job, I am also studying for my MCITP. Let me tell you getting back into studying mode, after almost a year after graduating, my head hurts. Haha, but I'm slowly comprehending everything again. I'm excited to get back into tech stuff. Speaking of, I got an internship! I figure while I'm off and job searching, I'll do a part time internship to get some hands on IT experience. I'm the new IT guy for a non-profit that helps veteran with PTSD. I could have applied at a big name tech company, but I wanted a non-profit, kind like giving back to the community. So I start next Monday, and I'm very excited. I have 4 days to read my Active Directory text book from cover to cover! LOL It's not that big of a book. TheIT guy did ask me if I was familiar with it, and when I told him I'm actually studying for the cert, he said it was exactly what he wanted to hear. :) Um, let's see what else, that's about it. Oh I went to traffic court for a speeding ticket I got back in March. I couldn't afford the ticket, so the judge put me on a payment plan, so that was good news! OOOOHHH! And I got another Samsung Galaxy S3! Remember how I got one back in Dec. and then dropped it a week later, and it wasn't insured. Yes, ugh! Well I got a really good deal, so I got the phone a couple days ago. I love it! I could have got the S4, but the extra perks, weren't worth the money. It was mostly web surfing tools, but I don't usually surf the web on my phone. So that's it, hope everyone is well, and I'll try and post more often! ;) peace

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  1. I'm so excited about your internship! I know they're going to love you there.

    Your third picture disturbs me. I think that guy is going to regret riding without clothes. His sensitive bits need more protection!