Sunday, August 4, 2013

Songs of Sunday.

Kazaky - Crazy Law. You may remember them from Madonna's Girl Gone Wild video, which even though it's a year old, is still one of my fave songs! Kazaky, in this video, remind me a bit of Depeche Mode. So this will be a true SONGS of Sunday and I'll post more than one song. LOL I'm not even sure how I came up with that title.

Everything is going good at the internship, they actually have put me in charge of IT, and I need to "hire" 2 more interns this coming week. I'm still looking for a job though. If this non-profit gets the funding it's applying for, they will hire me first. So that's a good feeling, but who knows when that will happen. Today I also volunteered at the charity bingo that we (the non-profit) will be taking over in about 6 weeks. On my feet for 5 hours running around the floor selling bingo games, is exhausting! LOL And I walk a couple miles every day! All in all though, I enjoy it, and there are usually one or two somewhat good looking guys. It's mostly old ladies though! Haha. Today there was a cute guy, that I chatted with. Maybe he'll be a regular player. :)

 Hope you all have a good week! More job searching for me, and possibly more studying. It seems they are doing away with the MCITP title, which is what I was studying for. Need to reach out to my alma mater's IT director and ask what I should be doing now. Enjoy! ;) peace

Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus one of my faves.

Remember when Madonna was in her "country" moment? LOL Still the Queen tho. :)

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