Saturday, October 12, 2013


So today I finished my first week of my new IT job. I loved it. We traveled to one of our other offices and did some server maintenance, and I installed a workstation, and did some troubleshooting on one of the ladies computer. I'm surprised at how much I remember when it comes to stuff I learned in school. So now I have to focus on a place to live. I have to be out by the first, so that's pretty much what I worked on today. Checking out rooms for rent online, and placed my own ad looking for a room for rent. I also looked into some apartments, some have good move-in specials, but I think I may hold off on that and get a car first, since I will eventually need one for my job. Hope you all had a great week! No muse for today's post, just because. Enjoy! ;) peace

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