Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Today was just a weird day all around. Work was hectic, and then super slow, and then super hectic. When you're the "IT guy" you meet so many different personalities and they are all looking for you to "fix it" so they can continue working. Well sometimes you can't, you need to order a part; uninstall, reinstall software, or the machine is just dead. So today was def a "can't, not right now" day. LOL I did my best though, and no one was too upset.

Was at our downtown office today, got to visit with my girls. They are 3 hilarious people! We all get along so great, our wit, humor, work ethic, line up perfectly. We work our butts off! Well I told K that her shoes look like old woman orthopedic shoes, 'cause they do. Her quick retort was "Your pants look like 10 yr. old boy jeans!" LMAO! What? Then when I told her to stop bullying me, one of the girls said that my pants are nice and fit me well, not to tight. To which K then said "Oh he has tighter pants, you can see his junk." LOL! I was mortified, but I totally know which pair of pants she was talking about. Haha!

 Had a talk with another tech recruiter who seemed really happy to be working with me. So I'm optimistic change will be happening soon on the work front. I like what I do, and for the most part who I work with, but feel I'm at a wall in what I can learn. I want to learn more.

Hope you are all having a great week! ;) peace


  1. Yeah...mortified. You knew what you were doing. :P

    1. LOL I liked how they fit from the BACK! It didn't occur to me see how they fit from the front! LOL