Monday, March 24, 2008

Slightly Opinionated

My friend Jocelyn started a new blog called Slightly Opinionated check it out. One day she's gonna be President but until then I get to give her shit for being a nerdy know it all from the barrio. that I think about it, an idea is coming to mind. Each day Joce, myself and another pal named Ryan have an email thread while we are at work. Well Ry Ry doesn't always hold up his end of the thread so we posted the following ad on CL, that was crazy. Hmm...guess I'll post it here and see what comes of it. ;-) peace

From Jocelyn's MySpace:

My friend and I recently posted a CL ad for an e-mail buddy. It is funny. Allow me to entertain you. Mind you, we are dead serious.

Do you get bored at work? Do you feel that you are surrounded by idiots and crave a connection to the outside world? Then we are looking for you. My friend and I are looking for a third member to join our e-mail thread. We had a third member previously, but he was recently let go from his job and is currently alternating between sleeping, partying and hoing it up with his boyfriend. He is slacking terribly and not holding up his end of the convo. My friend and I worked together previously and have known each other for approx. 6 years. He is male and I am female. We both like men. We are both minorities, but of different ethnicities. The previous member was a majority. He also liked men, so he was slightly a minority (seeing as he can hide his fascination with men and thereby pass as a hetero he isn't allowed to be a card-carrying minority. Then again the card entitles you to a beating by the LAPD, who wants that.). He joined the group with PC rhetoric, we cured him of that and allowed him to "see color", say whatever the hell he wanted and challenge people on their assumptions. He spent all that money on a science degree from a small liberal arts college, but we are the ones that truly educated him. If he wasn't laid out somewhere on market street, covered in lube and confetti he would see this in his inbox and agree with me. On the thread we discuss hot boys, our jobs, the future, past indiscretions, politics, relationships, racial issues, etc. We are socially conscious, but not PC and don't want anyone who is. You can take that bleeding heart liberal crap elsewhere. We send each other news stories that we find interesting. We rant, rave, vent and theorize over the course of the day. We talk a lot of smack. The thread typically runs from 8:30-5 and depending how the day/workload goes a little later. Frequently, we find ourselves laughing out loud and then trying to pretend that the latest e-mail is work related.

If this sounds like a thread you would like to join please e-mail me. Tell me a little about yourself, a dirty joke, your favorite event or just something interesting.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Today's Weather...

...was nice and warm and balmy. It was just on that note...enjoy. ;)peace

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Madonna in the UK Hall of fame

I know I'm behind, bu the cool thing is...if you check here, you will find something you missed! I guess this is from 2004, I never heard of it but like I said, I am so behind. It's Mo, remember...before she was Madge? Here is Mo getting inducted into the Rock hall of fame in the UK.

American Idol

Ok, the top 12 have been picked NOW I can watch it!! ;-) so far...Carly is my favorite, there are a few more to hear.

OMG! I was watching her and I thought back to when Kelly Clarkson, SIMON just said the same thing!

Dang this is two hours?

Ok it's over now and I still think Carly is the best. Some cute guys on there though.
Ok I know this blog isn't as detailed as other A.I. posts on other blogs but um, well it never was. ;-) I do how I do.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Deray Davis

I want to know, why my Fridays are like Mondays? For real, I got slammed this afternoon around 3pm and just got done about an hour ago! I know people hate Mondays, but I am beginning to hate Fridays, that's supposed to be the good day!! So I needed to laugh and looked up a hottie comedian, Deray Davis. He is nice on the eyes and makes me laugh! ;-) peace

Monday, March 3, 2008

Ellen talks about Lawrence (Larry) King...

...not sure if anybody else has heard about this (I'm sure you all have, you know how I'm always behind!) basically it was a 15 yr. old gay boy who was murdered because he was gay. I just wanted to take a moment and say good for Ellen. I don't think as a gay person she HAS to do anything for the gay community but I am glad that she brought this up. ;-) peace

Sunday, March 2, 2008


Ok, um...I have always had this thing for men on skates...I KNOW! It's just this "thing" I have...and how often do I ever get to see that? I mean it's all about the rollerblades these, until now.!

Nice, hot

Check out the leader in the gray jacket and black and gray hat, don't tell me that shit ain't sexy the way he moves!! Got damn!

Once again, the middle guy the as hell!