Thursday, November 27, 2008


Okay I don't think I've read a book that has been made in to a movie. That's a good thing right? I always hear "oh the book was better" but never really was able to experience that. In any case, I saw the trailer for Twilight awhile ago and it gave me chills, a human and a vampire (a beautiful vampire at that) and he has to protect her from another clan! I'm there! Then I found out it was a based on a book, not just a book but a series of books. Okay, I had seen Eragon and later found out that was based on a book and balked at the thought of reading the book because I had already seen the movie. So this time around I had a chance to read the book before I saw the movie, so I went and bought Twilight. Um, the first 380 pages were mostly romantic drivel and I didn't know that was the point! Plus when I was looking for the book I couldn't find it and had to ask where it was, I was taken to the Teen section. This was so Harry Potter all over again, I never read one of those books because they were "children's" books and I couldn't get in to them. So now the Twilight series were a "teen" series of books. I think it's the whole stigma attached to teen books and children books but my friends had read them so I guess I could try. *sigh* It was difficult, Bella WORKS MY NERVES!! Seriously, Edward this and Edward that and it was just so pathetic how goo goo ga ga she was over Edward and his beauty (and what kind of message is that sending young girls, if the boy is cute do what he wants when he wants) it was just sad. Come on gay men, you know our bitches need a pair (Madonna, Rosie, Hillary, Lauren...etc) so to read about how Bella freaked out every time Edward was more than 20 feet from her was disgusting. I did endure however and I did finish the book and the last hundred pages or so were really good and had me in to the whole scenario with James hunting Bella (why oh why didn't he kill her when he had the chance?!)anyways I finished the book and then took off for the cinema. As I'm driving I'm thinking please don't let Bella in the movie be this wimpy pathetic "oh Edward don't leave me" person. The book was just okay for me, ever ate crow? The movie blew and I blame myself because I read the book first! No wonder people always say the book was better, well duh! Edward was more furious in the book and (hate to say it) Bella was more witty (but less pathetic in the move thank goodness). So in any case, if I had walked in to the movie without reading the book, I would have gave it a C because (like the book) the good part came at the end and even that wasn't that great. I though the script was poor and the acting dry and without feeling but now let's get to the real reason I went and saw that movie. MEN!

Edward is hella fine and he is played by Rob Pattinson, James is played by Cam Gigandet remember him from Never Back Down, can we say abs? Oh and not to mention Emmett Cullen who was played by Kellan Lutz...small part but you definitely take notice!

Let's start with hot! for his Twilight pics

Finally, the hunk Kellan

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Vintage Country...

...remember the Judds? Aaron Tippin? Randy Travis? I'm watching this music video channel and I'm watching all these old country music videos. Wow they had big hair back in the 90's! Well I guess any genre had big hair back then. These are classics, just check out Randy's ass in the last part of this video! Dang. ;) peace

Look at those porcelain faces, so beautiful! Still are...

Monday, November 24, 2008

Gay Marriage.

I found this button on Kenneth's blog, I liked it so I stole it (I did tell him though) ;)peace

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lazy Sunday...

...I have done nothing! Today I'm going to Barnes and Noble to buy the Twilight series so I can read it before I go see the movie. I love sexy vampire movies! I was lying in bed thinking of what I need to do and what I want to do today and I decided I was just going to go with the flow. We get to wear jeans to work this week so no need to do laundry, I have no errands to run and it's going to be warm today so I'm going to try and not drive and instead walk to the shopping center up the block from me. I have a couple of movies to watch and really no other obligations. Although I did a load of laundry a few days ago but left it in the hamper and in looking for something to wear I noticed everything is really wrinkled but in accordance with the rules and regulations of a Lazy Sunday...who cares!?
It doesn't look that bad does it? ;) peace and have a wonderful day off!

I collect beer tee's btw. :D

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It's all about the Eyes... any I.T. professionals read my blog? If so please tell me something, if I never blog from work but do surf the 'net (not read any blogs on my blog roll) check email etc...can someone from my I.T. department "find" my blog? The reason I ask is because I want to blog something but kind of afraid to do it. Don't get me wrong it's a great company and I love my new job and what I do, just uh...not sure if I should blog about it. So please if you know about I.T. and working for a company in that capacity let me know! Until then, how pretty are the eyes? I finally found a pair of nice brown eyes to post! I don't believe I have posted brown before...hey brown is pretty too! ;) peace

Saturday, November 15, 2008


...yeah, it's over but it's not. Here are some links to help the cause as well a news article that breathes hope in to gay marriage. Gay marriage, will will happen in CA and it will happen nationwide. I am no gay activist, hell I don't even like gay people! *grin* ;) I do however, believe in equality for all and civil rights. So yeah, I'll put this on my blog.

The Loving Decision, remember the landmark interracial case when they broke into Loving's home just for sleeping with her husband? Well this article takes that it a bit further for gay people. We will prevail.

What started all the protests for No On 8 after it passed, thanks Amy from Seattle!

Remember day without a Mexican? Well what about a day with out a gay? December 10th, will you call in? Will you participate?

and finally the biggest, I think, shame of the U.S. in this election...the Arkansas decision on adoption. Tsk Tsk Arkansas, I mean we are a bit embarrassed about having the Terminator as our Governor but really? This? This brings shame not only to your state but solidifies the stereotype of people in Arkansas. Sad.

You all know I am not Johnny on the Spot, I am behind on most things but I found about the Mormon Church and how it funded the Prop 8 initiative, if you have ever researched the Mormon religion, well you know it's a fraud. Seriously, come on find some gold tablets and you are a prophet? Shit where I come from I would have taken those to the pawn shop! ;)
Really, come one, the Mormon church is a corporation of greedy people who should not be in charge of a religion. I think Mormons are sheep, really, how can you believe in a religion that was founded on a whacked out dude who had to leave his state and go to a state where there was nobody? Although you could have as many wives as you wanted. :)
I am going to close this blog with this sign that was there at the SF protest today, aimed against the Mormons..."You have 3 wives, I want one husband". Nuff said.
;) peace
oh, uh some guys kissing. :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I found a job!

A good job, a well paying job, a job that puts me back in project management, and more importantly I get to leave the COMPANY FROM HELL! I am still sooo blogging about them, but until then, what do I do when I have great news? It's all about my baby Joseph Sayers...he is my boyfriend and my husband is Gavin Newsom. ;) peace

My Huzzband.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Katy Perry...

...I totally dig her new song Hot N Cold. Remember she sings I kissed a girl and You're so gay. ;) peace

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Cold and rainy....

Hope everyone is having a great weekend, today was a birthday bbq at a cousins house. Had so much fun, but was caught in a storm on the way home and now it's cold and rainy. So you know what that means! Some hot eye candy to keep us warm! ;) peace

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Reign of Terror is over!!

Who cried? I cried, I was such a great night last night. I feel optimistic, I feel a sense of relief and yet...I still have no forgiveness for the Bush Administration. I think that will come in time as Obama's grace and positive outlook begins to seep in to society of the American People.
My internet access has been limited lately, but I'm still at the company from hell and will be here until December 5th!! Just biding my time and still looking for a new position. Hope all is well and I promise to start blogging more, once I get a new laptop. ;-) peace