Thursday, September 30, 2010

Gay Teen Suicide

It will get better.
So if you're a regular reader you know the gay mafia is always on the brink of taking my gay card! I'm not a part of the gay community, have no gay friends, I have had gay men tell me I'm "less than" because I like sports and cars and not shopping and theater, so yeah. Not a big fan of gay people. I'm not a self hater, I'm out, loud and proud and don't deny who I am, to anyone. So based on that you rarely see gay rights posts by me or actually, other than hot guys, anything gay related.

Well there is one thing that touches me amongst gay people, gay teen suicide. I had it easy coming out so I don't get it. I don't get how you could end your life, because people don't like you. It really touches me, especially the Matthew Shepard story, man, that gets me so angry. Well of course, I didn't know there were 4 highly publicized gay suicides last month, I knew of one but I guess there were a few more. Probably more than that, that didn't make the news, so I dunno I just felt I had to blog about it. I think most of my readers are straight women, lol! So cool with that, but if I perchance have any gay young readers and you are thinking of suicide, I fucking dare you to email me and tell me how you feel. Yeah I said it, I dare you, because you are not alone and suicide ends nothing but the happiness you will eventually feel for being who you are! You are not the weak one, you are not the weird one, you are not the one who "doesn't fit", you are who you are supposed to be. It's all of those people who are ignorant and haters who have the issues, you know who you are, do you really think YOU have the issues? lolz you don't. Think about it, you are the one who has their shit together. Take that to heart. I'm gonna leave you with a video by a dude who is pretty cool, he's a talented artist (he's hot) he makes sense in this YouTube vid and listen to him, he's talking the truth. It does get better! And whether you do the whole gay lifestyle and do gay pride and gay bars and gay friends, or, just prefer to be out, loud and proud and play sports and work on your 66 mustang, either are okay and accepted. Gay doesn't have to be what you see on TV, I don't fit into that and I think I've been doing fine, for a long time! Enjoy Angelo's video he's a cool dude and he has a great singing voice, do a search on Twitter! ;)


  1. Great post, hon! That's a fabulous video. The recent tragedies underscore just how far humanity still has to go. People need to realize that their words can be just as harmful as any weapon. It's sickening that so many wonderful lives have been destroyed while our society just sits back and either ignores or condones bullying.

  2. You know Eyre, I'm so extreme in my personality that I don't think of words as weapons...for me! Call me whatever you want, that won't change who I am or how I perceive myself. For the rest of the world, I agree. The bullying needs to stop and we need to start taking action to prevent it. 4 lives lost in one week. Not acceptable. ;) peace

  3. Hi Leo,

    Thanks for the inspiring post. I am a gay young reader, only 19. But live in Australia.
    You asked us to emial you if you are at that 'point'. Well I guess I am near that place... I don't know exactly how to deal with this type of thing, but I recently was diagnosed with very high levels of depression. Well I am seeing someone about that, so its not all bad there. But my parents don't know about it, nor am I out yet, I hope one day I can come out. But I don't know where to start and how to do it. I know my parents are haters, well more like my mum can't stand to look at gay guys in a movie or can't stand the sight of two men kissing, what would she say if she knew I was gay... I am adopted so, I think I am in a worse position then most, as I have to come to love them as though they were my birth parents. It took me a long time to open my heart. And longer time to accept myself. I don't want to disapoint them. They took me out of India and gave me a life. And what have I done with it, nothing! I find it difficult to study and look forward to the future.
    I come to read your posts every day. I love the freedom you have. I am somewhat similar to you in terms of I am not gay gay, not girly or don't like shopping, don't have gay friends, more into cars and sports but I love watching movies, not theater, I don't drink beer either. So sort of not really part of the gay community, just like you. I can say though I am not really a self hater, more like disappointed at the world and myself.

    I dream at times waking up next to a man. To be able to curl up with him, and just love him. I take it when you talk about an ex, you mean a guy right. I don't know, some gay guys get married to a girl for who knows what reason, thats why I ask. Can this dream ever come true if I don't get involved in the gay community and not tell my parents about my true self. I think I have made up my mind to never tell my parents, or do things that will make them think I am. I don't know how long i can do this...

    I am going to uni, pretty much failing like Stoner Josh. Not handsome like I think Hot Guy in your class is. Are you out to them? Live in Australia where gay movement is not as big as Cali. And can't see a way out. What is a man to do? well I am a boy to you. Afraid to make a wrong move.

    I love this site, its a wonderful thing to be you or like you. Keep up the great things you are doing for the gay community, even if it is only me and Eyre, who post, lol. I want to say thank you Leo for everything so far.

    I got an email which you can use to talk with me, if you don't think its too weird, talking to some random indian from Australia. Please don't send anything labelling gay in your email, so that it looks like a normal mail if you do wish to talk with me. Don't laugh at it, I made it when I was 15 ok:

    Sorry got to stay anonymous for now just in case my parents stumble onto my email,facebook etc, you know the lot. But I have posted comments before. I don't want to be found out by some random link.