Saturday, September 25, 2010


So a Twitter friend and I are thinking of calling my "saga" at school Leo's Anatomy! LOL. With the usual characters, Hottie, Hot New Guy, Stoner Joshua, Jessica and a few others I'll introduce as the days go by. I think it'll be a good de-stresser to tweet this stuff. So please follow me on Twitter (WonderfulLeo) and of course I'll post updates here, but probably won't be in as much detail. Hottie text me last night wondering if Jessica will even talk to him (hello you're hot) I said of course she will. He will need some fine tuning by me but I think I can hook them up. I almost came out to him last night, but he wasn't getting it. ugh! Hello, everyone knows the way to a girls phone number is through their gay friend! Oh wait, that means I need to come out to Jess huh? Hmmm...shall be interesting. No, this will not affect my school work. LOL Just a fun past time on the side. Although if you see me posting B's, tell me to stop! LOL
Enjoy! ;) peace

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