Friday, December 10, 2010


So tomorrow is my cousin's boy's birthday party (Eyre, was that the appropriate use of apostrophes?) and I said I would take my nephew and my sis. I didn't realize next week was finals. I wanted to cancel, but my nephew gave up a weekend in the snow and my sister actually was clean all week so she could go and be somewhat "normal". I have to take them. So I put in like almost 6 hours today at school finishing up a lot of homework. I'm exhausted. So my plan tomorrow is to get up, drive over an hour and pick up my nephew and sis, drop them off at the party, go to the local library and finish my virtual lab simulators (labsims). Always making it work! :)

SJ didn't show up to register for school yesterday, I didn't expect he would. Hottie worked my nerves yesterday and he's not someone I would date but I really like our banter, I like our flirting because it's spot on. It's the spark. Ya know the spark you need to date someone? Although I wouldn't date him for a variety of reasons. Today he was texting me and once again we disagreed on the subject. He finally changed the subject to sports, was a good idea on his part.

My mom and I got into it earlier, I'm a momma's boy but sometimes her guilt trips are too much. She called when I was in the shower to tell me she won't be home tomorrow but there are leftovers in the fridge and to eat them. *sigh* love my momma. I gotta stop by her place to pick up my sister who lives in the same complex. Of course I'm gonna go through her fridge! :)

I'm tired. Hope you all have a great weekend! big huz! ;) peace


  1. Yes, sweetie, you used those apostrophes correctly. :) You are a good brother and uncle. I don't know your nephew, but I am sure he appreciates what you do for him. *hugs*

  2. thanks Eyre, he keeps me going! ;) peace