Monday, February 14, 2011


So today was just kinda weird. I woke up and it was windy and rainy, then later it was sunny and cold. I went to school and guess what? Found another Hottie, granted I have no classes with him but if I leave my 3rd period early enough to get to my 4th, where his 3rd is ending...I get to see him. I know, a bit complicated but at least it's not only Hottie I can admire now. Hottie has competition! :) Came home with every intention of doing school work, but didn't. I finished a novel about brothers and their bond, and I just cried when I got done reading it! Oh, and then called my bro. Right now I'm BBM'ing (BlackBerry Messaging) my boo in England, who I find so fricking adorable and it's just been a weird day. A Hodgepodge day (ok that wasn't subtle but it's late and I need to get this posted!) ;) peace


  1. It's so cute when you call him your boo. Of course, he's a cutie too. :-)

  2. I fricking adore him. ;) peace