Saturday, June 25, 2011


So today was my first Saturday class, and I will admit I hated getting up early on a Saturday! I got to class thinking I was late, someone was sitting in my seat (was the ONE and only female in our class, so couldn't really say anything), and the teacher ended up being late! Class is supposed to be 8:40-4:00, but he let us out at 12:30 and I didn't learn squat! *sigh* So I stayed with a friend after class was let out and studied, and worked on homework.

Matt started my morning out by saying "what do you think of that Leo?" and he points at this huge bug under his desk, which he then squashes with his motorcycle boots! Yeah, Matt brought his motorcycle to school today, it's huge! It like, comes up to my chest! Matt is tall though, so it works for him. And the bug thing kind of traumatized me, because before I could say "lets take it outside" it was liquid under his boot. *sigh*

So Eyre is out of town this weekend and has no cell service. I always get a little anxious when she is in technology isolation, but I'm glad she is having a good time out "in the wild". :) I so wouldn't camp with her, because she'd put bugs on my pillow just to hear me say Ew! :)

My roomie has been gone most of the day, so that's been cool. Got to use the A/C and enjoying the quiet. He leaves on Thursday for like 4 days! I like him and all, but it will be nice for some alone time!

So yeah, today has just been a kind of weird day. A good one though. Supposed to hook up with Howard tomorrow and study.

Hope everyone had a great Saturday! Enjoy! ;) peace

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  1. Hon, I'm sorry Saturday class sucked, but at least you got to leave early.

    I miss you when I'm off in the land of no internet. I promise I'd never put a bug on your pillow, but I have to admit that I would think of other things to make you say "ew." ;)