Sunday, November 27, 2011

In Oregon

Well we made it up here about 11 tonight. I rode back with my brother so that I can take his extra car back and use it for school. I'm a littler nervous about the drive back tomorrow, at some point I developed this thing of when I drive with no towns or cities around I go into a panic attack! haha. #smh In any case, I'm grateful I'll have a car to use and won't have to quit school.

Turns out my bro told my mom he was going to come get me for Thanksgiving and that I could stay with my mom until Saturday, but SHE said no 'cause my nephew would be staying there. Which I get, because they have a small one bedroom apartment, but that doesn't make me happy she didn't say anything when I was blaming my brother. Her and I will have a talk.

Was a good trip, we had a good lunch, I drove half of the way, and I hit $50.00 at the casino on the way up here! Plus just catching up with my bro was good. So his car, has an issue where I'm gonna have to turn it off and on, while it's running and pop the clutch! Long story, but it's run and it's all good, but it's funny 'cause he said he don't have a rez car, lol, whatever!

Hope you all had a good Saturday and I'm looking forward to heading home tomorrow, although I do miss spending time with my bro. ;) peace

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