Thursday, December 29, 2011

iPhone Men

So today was a chill day, I didn't study, I'm trying to enjoy my time off from school. I've also decided that technically I have until July to get my MS Certs, and me being me, I'll take them in July. I have two papers due soon, and I'll start them next week. It's all about Christmas break, right?

My muse for tonight's post is my nephew, he got an iPhone and doesn't know how to use it. He also has a laptop that is broken and I need to fix, again. I told him he doesn't need a laptop, he's got an iPhone, right?

In any case, enjoy! ;) peace

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  1. I got a question for you. As a MS tech person, how do you find Apple i- products? I spent a number of years as a MS programmer and ever since then I have found Apple products frustrating and hard to use.

    Anyways, with pics like these coming out, can't complain too much :+)

    Happy new year!