Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Been a few days, my bad. But guess what? I'll have plenty of time to blog starting next week! My last day is Monday! LOL And noooo I didn't get a new job, the car rental rates will triple as of 5/22 on the weekends (summer time); so I won't be able to afford to get to work anymore. Public transportation is not an option because of the days and hours. I'm actually okay with it tho. I did a lot for little pay, I put in a lot of hours in 4 days, and it was just a very unprofessional environment. I have nothing to show for the past 8 months. I just didn't make any money with the car rental, bills, and low pay. LOL Nothing! I figure I can go work up the street in a retail place and be able to put some money away for a car. Plus I can study for my certs. So we shall see, I'm not upset about it, excited for the next chapter in my life. :)

I went down to my mom's yesterday (kept the rental an extra day) and she took me to lunch, and loaded me up with groceries, and gave me some gas money. Haha. It was a nice day. She's like a food bank, whenever one of her kids go to visit she goes through her cupboards and starts filling bags for us. LOL It helps though, saves me money! That's about all I have. I'm a little nervous about the future but I'm going to try and pay my rent for next month, so at least I won't have to worry about that. Oh, I cleaned out my storage yesterday (reason I went to my mom's) and I feel so relieved now. I was always worried about losing my stuff, because I was always late on the payment, but the other night my mom told me to bring the stuff over to my parent's place. So I did, and I got rid of some things, and I also found some things I forgot I had! LOL So it was all good. Should have thought about that a long time ago. Had that storage for like almost 5 years! My parents have a small place though so I never thought of it, but they made room.

Tomorrow is my Sunday, going to cook my meals for my work week which starts on Friday, and then I'm done! Haha. Hope I find something soon, but I feel like everything is happening the way it's supposed to be. Hope you all are well. ;) peace

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