Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Well I finally got a car. It's used, it's compact, but it runs. Am I happy? Kinda. I mean, I've been without a car for like 3 years. I got used to the bus, and walking, and being "green". Okay I only say I was green 'cause I didn't have a car. LOL But now I have a car payment, and insurance, and gas, and debt! So, I'm like ummm, hmmm...I wish I didn't need a car for my job, but I do. I met my job requirements, which is to own a car. And just in time, my schedule changed yesterday. I start in one office, and finish my day in another. Every day until our migration to Win 7 is done. So I def needed it. It is weird knowing that I don't have to turn my "rental" back in. Which is what I've been doing the past year and a half. Renting cars. Like, I actually have a car now. So yeah, yes and no, I'm happy.  In any case, it's definitely not a a total negative thing.

On to the beautiful men! Hope you all are well! ;) peace

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